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Apple launched it iPad 3 in March. The new iPad that is becoming old now, expectedly its prices will reduce if not on the product itself but in other deals like Sale and clearance items  this Black Friday (if at all iPad 3 falls in the clearance category however iPad 2 can be found in clearance/sale items), will you buy it then? There hasn’t been a new launching of any newest iPad yet so Apple lovers will be longing to buy iPad 3 this holiday season.

Some of the best deals that can be known now as Black Friday is near are as follows:

iPad 3, 16GB will be hopefully sold for $432.98. The price of the 32GB New iPad will be starting from $505.00 and the 64GB New iPad will be sold beginning from $610.00. There will be deals on used iPads and there will be Sales on iPad 2 & iPad 3.

iPad 2 32 GB, which is too old now may be of $335.00.

You can check the rates on Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart and other super and electronic stores like these.