4 Black Friday Trends You Ought to Know!


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Black Friday will not be the same again. Shoppers are making space in the house to stock in more stuff than they did in the past years. The shop keepers are increasing their intake of merchandise to put it all on sale and discounted rates. The whole world seems to be busy thinking of making the most of this biggest shopping day. What trends will this Black Friday of 2012 bring with it? What will be sold more and what will be loved by the buyers? Which companies will blow which of their trumpets to attract the attention of the customers? The shoppers won’t stop shopping to the best of their ability and the merchants will not stop making the most of the day.

I have listed below 4 major trends that are inevitable to happen this Black Friday:

Sowing the seeds

In anticipation of Black Friday’s sale the major giants like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc have already started granting coupons and discount codes, online and offline. There are many other stores online and brick & mortar stores that have started sowing seeds which will reap on Black Friday. This day comes after Thanksgiving therefore people tend to buy more of grocery than cyber gadgets and other such items.

Using Smartphone

According to a study by Accenture Firm, 43% of holiday shoppers plan and compare prices of products using a Smartphone. This year more than 50% of the shoppers will be using mobile applications to shop online.

Use of Layaway Plans

Layaway plans, are plans that let payment to the retailer be spread over a period of time instead of paying off all at once. Sears, TJ Maxx, Kmart, Toys “R” Us and Walmart have offered Layaway plans in the past to attract customers to shop more and this year more of such retailers will put flags of “Layaway plans available” increase the sale.

From HDTV to Notebooks and Tablets

There has been a clear increase in the sale of HDTVs in the past year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but this year it seems the sale of the HDTVs will decrease on Black Friday. That is because youth generation is more inclined to carry a TV (i.e. a tablet, or a Smartphone) in the hand all the time instead of sitting and watching something at home. They don’t get to watch TV so the demand of TV is decreasing.


Latest Black Friday Deals For 2012


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Get Latest Black Friday Deals for 2012

Deal 1- Nokia Lumia 710 4G Windows Smartphone T-Mobile Unlocked Black or White for $159.00

Deal 2- HP Pavilion dv6-6c57nr Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.20 GHz, 6GB RAM, 750GB, 15.6-inch for $599.88

Deal 3- The Darkness II PC Download for $4.99

Deal 4- The Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card from Chase – Earn up to 7 Free Nights

Deal 5- Woman Within Women’s Apparel Sale: Up to 93% off w/Extra 40% off Coupon

Deal 6- Up to 2% Cashback at Walmart

Deal 7- Up to 3% Cashback at Best Buy

Deal 8- 3% Cashback at Kohl’s

Deal 9- 5% Cashback at Sears

Deal 10- 4% Cashback at Dell Home

Will You Buy an iPad 3 This Black Friday?


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Apple launched it iPad 3 in March. The new iPad that is becoming old now, expectedly its prices will reduce if not on the product itself but in other deals like Sale and clearance items  this Black Friday (if at all iPad 3 falls in the clearance category however iPad 2 can be found in clearance/sale items), will you buy it then? There hasn’t been a new launching of any newest iPad yet so Apple lovers will be longing to buy iPad 3 this holiday season.

Some of the best deals that can be known now as Black Friday is near are as follows:

iPad 3, 16GB will be hopefully sold for $432.98. The price of the 32GB New iPad will be starting from $505.00 and the 64GB New iPad will be sold beginning from $610.00. There will be deals on used iPads and there will be Sales on iPad 2 & iPad 3.

iPad 2 32 GB, which is too old now may be of $335.00.

You can check the rates on Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart and other super and electronic stores like these.

Which day would you prefer, Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Normally people prefer Cyber Monday for shopping because they are fresh after a day’s gap after two consecutive days’ hard work of Thanks Giving and Black Friday.

I personally think that one should shop on Black Friday because on Cyber Monday almost everyone is fresh and can get up early to be at the department stores before they open (remember this is only for those who avoid online shopping). So shopping on the Black Friday is a better choice because people are normally tied after celebrating Thanksgiving and they do not feel like getting up that early. Before Black Friday was named and the tradition hadn’t started people would spend time with their families on the Friday following Thanksgiving. But since 2005 it has become the busiest shopping day of the year, this started happening much before the term “Black Friday” was even officially used.

About the name of the day, there have been many and varied opinions of people. Some say it is called Black Friday because the Stock Market in 1929 crashed on a Friday. Some say it is because the sky is still black when shoppers get up to shop. Some say it is because most nonretail businesses are off on this day therefore is a black day for other businesses. However, whichever explanation you may prefer to use to celebrate the day, the fact is that it is a holiday and you are to shop!

This year again, the frenzy of retailers will reach the peaks on Black Friday. Many people will be ready at 5am to step out of their houses to stand in front of the department stores. But why waste calories standing up in the queue for hours and hours waiting for the stores to open? Why should you spoil your sleep and waste your time?

Online shopping is a better option. You can sit at home and shop everything you want. To make things easier for you I have made Facebook page for Black Friday where I will be sharing all kinds of Black Friday deals and coupons.

You Shouldn’t Think of Buying the Following this Black Friday!


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Most of the electronic devices like TV sets and DVD players are not very cheap on Black Friday as supposed earlier. Even stuffed animals are not sold at their lowest price on the day. Samsung 46-inch LCD television that was about thousand dollars was sold in about one and a half thousand on Black Friday. Ugg boots were sold for 59 percent more than the actual price.

Talking about Apple products, Black Friday isn’t the right day to buy them for you only get to take 5 to 10 percent advantage if you buy them on the day whereas you can get more benefit if you use Apple Coupon Codes from a coupon website. However there are retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and others that have about 25 percent off deals on Apple products even on Black Friday.

You also need to keep a few things in mind like: the best time to buy a car is at the end of the month when sellers are waiting to fill quotas. Tuesday is the best day to buy airline tickets and the best day to buy groceries is Sunday.

According to a statistical data 226 million shoppers spent $52 billion dollars during 2011’s Black Friday weekend. An individual spent $398.62 in 2011, and in 2010 every individual spent about $365.34 on average.

If you are one of these consumers who have saved to spend on 2012’s Black Friday then you still have chance of saving your savings buy getting discount coupons and shopping to your heart’s delight this Black Friday.

All information has been taken from Wall Street Journal, National Federation of Retailers, Decide Inc. and DealNews.